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About Bullet Cylinder Heads

The principles behind two businesses (Adelaide Engine Developments and Heads Up Racing) both involved in the racing engine industry for over ten years combined to form Bullet Cylinder Heads in October 2003.
Eight years on, Bullet Cylinder Heads has been heavily involved in designing and building winning race engines, top end packages and custom billet components for racers across Australia, Asia, North America and Europe.
Bullet has assisted racers and race teams in many forms of racing including Circuit, Tarmac, Drag, Boat, Dirt circuit, Drifting, Tractor Pulling, Drag Bikes, Circuit bikes and Jet ski racing.
When it comes to CNC ported cylinder heads we have the largest port program library in the country. Our experience with so many different types of heads has given us an extensive knowledge in the digital mapping and machine porting of cylinder heads. Accordingly, we believe that our experience in this specialist industry is what provides the winning formula for many of our clients.
            pic: Dyno Room                                                                                          pic: Bullet Transport
Latest News
Bullet is currently trial assembling our first Billet WRX Engine. The prototype billet casings are together with the EJ25 internals installed. We are now ........ more
Jet racing is about to take delivery of their second EVO billet block. Jet has had great success with our billet block. At the 2011 Jamboree (first event with the ........ more
Bullet has began designing and manufacturing billet tapered carby spacers. Currently we have produced spacers for the 4150 series holley in 1, 1.5 .......... more
Another product coming soon by bullet is billet timing covers for the mopar big block and the ford big block. We hope to be dyno testing the ford cover before June on an engine we are currently building. It will be........ more



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