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SR20 - Billet Aluminium Cylinder Block

Before $ 8000

Price: $ 8000


BCH designs, models and manufactures billet engine blocks to suit many applications. The example pictured is a Nissan SR20 Billet Aluminium Block. We are currently prototyping the Toyota 2JZ, Nissan RB26 and Mitsubishi 4G63.

Estimated Ship Date: 2 Weeks

Further Details
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BCH Prod Id :  BCH SR20
Manufacturer :  Bullet
Manufacturer Part Number :  BCH SR20
Year of Manufacture :  2012
Brand :  Bullet

BCH designs, models and manufactures billet engine blocks to suit many applications. The example pictured is a Nissan SR20 Billet Aluminium Block. The blocks are made of air craft quality 6061T billet aluminum for ultimate strength. Modular design allows for different bell housing configurations. The SR20 Billet Block is currently offered with Nissan rear and front wheel drive as well as Chevrolet bell housing configurations. The 5 main caps are machined as a one piece cradle providing maximum rigidity. The block is fitted with Darton nodular iron sleeves and 4 ARP 7/16" main studs per journal. Head studs are 1/2" providing increased clamping force on the head gasket.

The factory oil pump and sump will fit without modification.

Water jackets are machined into the block and then sealed with a cover plate. An electric water pump must be used. There is sufficient cooling for all types of racing and street use.

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